Create beauty, find peace, and express yourself through drawing.

Looking for drawing ideas that you can use over and over to fill up your sketchbook?  Whether you are new to drawing or want to get back to drawing, these ideas are easy to learn, fun to draw, and will promote relaxation and mindfulness in your life.

Ever thought, “I’m not good enough to draw?”

You might think you are not good enough to draw or don’t have time to draw.  That’s why I’ve developed a new drawing style called Mindful Mosaic Drawing.  With this new approach, anyone can learn to make beautiful drawings.  They don’t take much time to make.  And they promote mindfulness.

Anyone can learn to draw!

Imagine taking your sketchbook to a coffee shop or cafe and drawing as you sip some coffee (or tea).  I’ll show you how to put together a mini drawing kit to take along and give you some drawing ideas so you’ll never run out of things to draw.

Mindful Drawing is Right for You If:

  • You’ve been feeling stressed and long for a bit of fun and relaxation.
  • You’ve admired the drawings of others but thought you couldn’t learn to draw.
  • You’ve always intended to get back to doing art but haven’t made it a priority.

Meet Stacey

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw without looking at a subject.  I’ve also always been fascinated by the laws of nature and natural patterns found in nature.  I put these ideas together and found an approach to drawing that I can’t wait to share with you! 

I worked to strike the right balance so they’ll be easy, fun, and beautiful.  I’m excited about the possibility of helping people who want a way to express themselves through drawing.

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Free Sample Lesson

Try a Mindful Mosaic Drawing lesson for free!  Get step-by-step instructions and watch a video demonstration. You’ll be creating a beautiful drawing in no time, guaranteed!

À la carte Lessons

Choose from my à la carte menu of lessons and find inspiration for as many drawings as you’d like.  Each lesson has a warm-up activity, a drawing design idea, and a video demonstration.

Mindful Drawing Workshop

Whether you’re an experienced artist, someone who has always dreamed of drawing but lacked the confidence to start, this workshop is designed just for you.

Free Drawing Lesson

I was amazed at how easily I could draw!

I have ZERO art experience. I’ve always loved seeing other people doodle but never believed I could draw myself. Stacey’s lesson was incredibly easy to follow and I found myself drawing in no time. I was amazed at how easily I could draw with her approach! Thank you, Stacey, for helping me add this new skill to my self-care routine!

Christi J.

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Download the PDF

Go to your account and download the PDF.  The PDF will include step-by-step instructions, samples, and a link to watch a video.  I’ve also added a QR code to the video so you can create on the go.

Start Drawing Today!

Gather your drawing supplies and get started!  Everything you need will be listed in the lesson. You’ll work in a small sketchbook or on any sheet of paper. Start creating beautiful designs in no time!

Visit the Mindful Drawing Blog

Want to learn more about mindful drawing?  Visit the Mindful Drawing Blog to learn all about the benefits of drawing and how to add drawing to your routine even if you think you can’t draw. You’ll gain confidence and add positivity into your life! Below are some blog posts that I think you’ll enjoy to get started.

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Try your first Mindful Mosaic Drawing for free!

Download the Lesson PDF and try out your first drawing using a pencil, paper, pens, and a lid.  The PDF includes step-by-step instructions and a link to watch a video demonstration.

Fill Your Sketchbook with Drawings!

Don’t wait to get your Mindful Drawing Lessons. You could be making your first drawing and sharing it with friends and family by this time tomorrow!  There’s no better time to get started making drawing part of your self-care and creative outlet.